Tuesday, 22 April 2014

what hypnotherapy can do for you!

  People often ask me what hypnotherapy can do for them and what problems it can help with. 

 I think that they are surprised sometimes when I explain that we work together on finding their own inner 
 strengths and capabilities so that they can make the positive changes in their life that they want to. I think 
 sometimes that there is an expectation that I am going to perform some 'magic' and all anxieties will 'disappear'
 and all other issues 'resolved'! 

 I think some of these views come from having seen stage hypnosis performances where the drama of the event
 gives the impression that the volunteers that take part have no control over what they are doing and ideas and
 thoughts are 'planted' in their heads!!

 This is not the hypnosis that I am taking about! 

 In the last blog I mentioned the subconscious mind as the part of the mind that we can influence to make 
 positive and beneficial changes to the challenges faced in everyday life..and that's where hypnotherapists can 

 During that state of hypnosis (focused relaxation ) we work together to influence your subconscious mind so that
 we can work on the issues that are eg  stopping you reach your real potential, creating barriers to 'letting go' of      negative habits  . Doing this work together gives so many benefits and opens up the mind to so many possibilities . In this              blog I'll just give a few examples...

  • it helps to empower individuals to gain an insight into their challenges and helps them develop coping strategies

  • helps to change or release unwanted behaviours and patterns
  • helps increase self esteem, optimism and confidence
  • helps reduce day to day anxiety, tension and stress

 These are just a few of the many beneficial changes that can happen and I will highlight more in future blogs...

 There are so many problems  and issues that hypnotherapy can help with and I will also cover these more in 
 future blogs ,but just to mention a few .......

  • managing IBS
  • Controlling pain and painful conditions 
  • boosting confidence and reducing anxiety, stress and tension
  • overcoming fears and phobias
  • managing weight including virtual gastric band and balloon 
  • stopping smoking

....."we all have amazing inner strengths, creativity and capabilities for making positive change......
      hypnotherapists are there to help you unlock all that potential"

 Vera of hypnolinks      www.hypnolinks.co.uk

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