Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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 Hypnotherapy is such a powerful, natural and empowering therapy and provides such positive benefits for 
 individuals that I thought I would like to share some of this with you.

 I am often asked what hypnosis is about and how it works so I thought that I would use this blog to explore this
 a little  further.

 Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of mind...if you have ever found yourself driving and wondering how you 
 got to your destination ...or you have been reading a book that you are so engrossed in ..or just daydreaming 
 when you should have been concentrating on something else ...that's  being in a light hypnotic state. Much of 
 the work that we do as hypnotherapists can be achieved at this sort of level of consciousness. 

 What's happening here is that we are allowing ourselves to drift from the conscious part of  our mind to the 
 subconscious  part of our mind. It's all perfectly natural, we all do this hundreds of times a day! I have attached 
 a small diagram just to demonstrate what happens in these parts of the mind.

 When I am working with clients I help them to achieve a state where they are so relaxed but very focused so we
 can work together to influence the subconscious mind as this is where positive changes can be made to the 
 challenges that a client may be facing. 

 The client is always in control, can hear everything around them and can come out of trance whenever they 
 should wish to do so! 

 The subconscious mind 'holds' all the lasting memories that we have eg , habits, views, behaviours , prejudices , 
 long standing fears and phobias and it is the negative ones of these that usually hold individuals back from being
 who they really want to be or from achieving what they really want to achieve. 

 With this focused relaxation (hypnosis )  so much can be achieved by the client with the guidance and facilitation
 provided by the hypnotherapist....and many of these negative barriers can be addressed ensuring that the client 
 can work towards those positive goals that they want to achieve. Focusing on the underlying and negative issues
  is important as these are often the real barriers to success.

 In another of my blogs I will address benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can help you take more control of your

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